Oh hi, you've made it to the "About Us" page, so let's talk about ourselves a bit...

Omlt Machine
Andrew, founder of Omlt

Our absolute FAVORITE is a casual weekend brunch sharing tasty omelets.

But during working days we had to resort to yogurts, granola, bananas, quick sandwiches etc...

The frustration grew until we said something HAS to be done about this. Why can't we just have weekend-quality omelets at home during the weekdays?

That's how the idea was born for Omlt.

The Omlt system is our solution for eating healthy with an on-the-go lifestyle. It's a high-tech omelet machine paired with delicious, healthy Omlt capsules (we call them "pods") that work just like one of those coffee machines.

Honestly, we don't know how many people will love the concept and the product, but it is worth giving it a shot and making some difference for us.

The company is very early stage. We are just serving our early customers, getting feedback, and improving on the product. Hit us up if you want to try out the Nespresso for omelets and provide honest, no BS feedback.

Andrew Komarovsky, Founder

Omlt Machine
Andrew, founder of Omlt