So, what's the difference between any frozen food and Omlt?
Regular frozen meals have been cooked first and then frozen. That kinda kills all the look, taste, and smell of the meal.

Omlt is RAW and UNCOOKED frozen omelets. Your Omlt machine actually cooks, not heats, your Omlt pods. So it's like if you have a personal chef who makes you amazing omelets from scratch without you lifting a finger (oh, you'll need to lift a finger to push the button, sorry).
Can I cook Omlt pods without your machine?
That's a good one. Since we are talking food here, the short answer would be: "Yes, but". Microwave? No, it will take like 15-25 min, and the omelet will look and taste like shit. Oven? Up to 30 min dancing around it. Griddle machine? Around 13-16 min under constant supervision.

You see, it's not only about omelets. It's about the whole morning experience. You can have it whatever way that just gets you by, or you could have it the rad way. It's your life, after all.
Do you ship nationwide?
No, we currently only ship to LA. It's very early days for us. Stay tuned.
When will my order ship?
We ship orders Monday and Thursday, except national holidays. Your order will be shipped depending on when we receive it during the day.
How is Omlt unique?
Let's see... Unlike anything else in the market, Omlt is a perfect combination of CONVENIENCE and BRUNCH-GRADE MEALS (omelets, that is).
How can I track my order?
After your shipping label is created you will receive an email with your tracking number or necessary details.
Can I make changes to my order?
If you made an error on your order, the sooner you can let us know about it, the better. We may be able to make an edit, however, once a shipping label has been created we will not be able to change or cancel the order.
Do I have to be home to sign for the package when it's delivered?
No. However, we recommend opening your package as soon as you receive it, and moving your Omlt pods to the freezer. We are not responsible for items that are damaged due to a delay in opening or that are improperly stored upon arrival.

The decision to leave an unattended package at your front door is solely up to the discretion of the driver. If your order is being shipped to an office or communal living space, carriers may deliver the package to your front desk or mailroom. If the driver feels it is safe to leave the package, then they will do so. We are not responsible for missed deliveries (sometimes resulting in a damaged product) because no one was home and the driver felt it was unsafe to leave it.
How do you ship Omlt pods and how do you keep them frozen during shipping?
We ship your order using a 100% recyclable insulated shipping box. We use enough dry ice to ensure the pods will stay frozen well into the evening the box arrives. We recommend you unpack and place the pods into the freezer immediately upon receiving. Please use gloves when handling dry ice.
What are the handling instructions for Omlt pods?
Our Omlt pods are shipped frozen with a dry ice pouch. Please make sure that you use gloves or a towel when handling the dry ice as it may cause burns.

To store frozen for future consumption: place all Omlt pods in the freezer for up to a half-a-year.
What if somehow I don't like the product?
Use the Omlt machine, enjoy our omelets, and if somehow you don't fall in love, no worries, you'll get your money back for the machine. You have a full 30 days to decide. What's more, we happily pay for return shipping.
What's the shelf life of Omlt pods?
6 months in the freezer.
What's the quality of Omlt pods?
We use only real, mostly organic ingredients. No artificial preservatives. No artificial additives. Just fresh, high-quality produce, meats, seafood and veggies. We source locally whenever possible.
Are your pods made from organic ingredients?
Most of the ingredients we use for making our Omlt pods are organic, but not all of them. We try to use organic whenever possible when it justifies the price bump. Sometimes it just doesn't.
Do I have to adjust the Omlt machine to cook different pods?
All you have to do is set your Omlt machine into the right cooking mode for your particular Omlt pod.
Can I use the Omlt machine to cook anything other than omelet pods?
No. The Omlt machine was designed to work with Omlt pods only. The Omlt machine cooking parameters are hardwired and cannot be changed to work with any other product.
Do omelets stick to the bottom of the pod?
Most of the time they don't, thanks to our chef-crafted and thousand times tested recipes. There will always be slight burns at the bottom of the omelet, but those are tasty ones.
Do I have to stand by the Omlt machine while it's cooking?
Nope. Just be advised that cooking takes somewhere between 8-10 min, so when the machine signals the end of cooking you want to be in the vicinity in order to take out the omelet fast for it not to overcook.
How do I take an Omlt pod from the machine after cooking? It's hot.
Yeah, that's one annoyance we are still working on. For now, just use a piece of cloth or tissue to protect your fingers. After you've taken out the pod from the machine, it literally takes around 15 seconds for the pod rims to cool down so that you can safely touch them.
Can I flip over my omelet onto a plate?
Hmm, in theory you can, but so far we are still to meet someone doing that.
I want to try the pods but I don't want to commit to buying the machine. What do I do?
Alright, so here are your options. Option 1 - get the machine, use it for 30 days, and if you are not convinced, send it back and get your money back. This option allows you to fully immerse yourself in the Omlt experience. Option 2 - get just the pods and try to cook them using a standard griddle machine if you have one. We don't recommend doing that since you are not going to get nearly as good an experience as planned. But hey, you are the boss.
If you have any questions, write us on hello@omlt.me